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AP US History Remind 101

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Our Textbook Website and Additional Text Resources

Consult our textbook website for a variety of resources to aid you in your work in this class- including practice tests and study questions.
Additional Resources related to our textbook:

Course Syllabus

For information about the course and reading assignments, check our Course Syllabus (follow the link to view, print, or download).

Our course syllabus was developed according to the AP US History Course Description from the College Board. That document may be useful to you as you prepare for the test.

Course Materials *- Visit the pages below for resources for our course.
Cornell Note Taking Template (unlined)
Cornell Note Taking Template (lined)
  • Make a copy in your CCSCards Google Drive to either type your notes, or to print and write your notes.

Units of Study: Visit individual unit pages for unit-specific resources
Unit I: Colonial America
Unit II: Revolutionary America
Unit III: A New Nation
Unit IV: Jackson and Reform
Unit V: Civil War and Reconstruction
Unit VI: The West
Unit VII: The Rise of Big Business and Consumer Society
Unit VIII: The Gilded Age and Progressivism
Unit IX: Imperialism and World War I
Unit X: Boom and Bust: The 1920s and 1930s
Unit XI: World War II
Unit XII: The Cold War
Unit XIII: Civil Rights
Unit XIX: To the Present

End of Semester and End of Year Resources

APUSH Semester 1 Review on Quizlet
Brinkley Review Quizzes- Quizzes for chapters from our textbook.
AP Review Quizzes- created by another AP US History teacher. Provide instant feedback.

APUSH Semester 1 Pracitce Exam (Note: Questions 1-66 only, no Reconstruction questions.)
APUSH Semester 2 Practice Exam

Extra Credit Movie Assignment
APUSH End of Year Anthology Assignment Registration
Coldwater High School AP US History Teacher Evaluation

*To print most of the documents on this website requires Adobe Reader. Download Adobe Reader free here.

AP Test Preparation Resources
Visit this page for a variety AP Test Prep Materials

General Student Resources
A page with General Student Resources resources that should assist you in your work as a student- whether in AP US History or any other class.