As an extra credit opportunity for AP US History, a student may view ONE historical movie and complete the movie review form at the bottom of this page. To select a movie to review, students may use any video listed on the internet resource described below, or may select a movie not listed by that resource with prior approval from Mr. Henry. The movie chosen must relate directly to the subject matter covered in the course in the semester for which the assignment is to be submitted. Disney and other such cartoon movies/programs (ie, Pocahontas) are not to be considered for this assignment.

For movie ideas, students can use the web resource Historical Movies in Chronological Order. Another source can be found at the History Place.

Once a movie has been chosen and viewed, complete the form below and submit for extra credit. The spaces in the form look small, but you can type in them as much as you need to. To be certain you do not lose your work, you may choose to type your responses in a document, save them to your computer, and then copy each section into the appropriate portion of the form. This way if your submission does not come through, you can easily resubmit.

The value of the assignment is up to the value of one chapter quiz (30 points) depending upon the quality of the work submitted.

You may either complete the assignment by filling in the form below, or you can go to the form in a separate tab by clicking HERE. It is recommended that you answer all the questions in a Google Doc or Word Document, and then copy and paste into the form (just in case something goes wrong, you will have a record of your work).

This assignment is due for those who choose to do it by 8:00AM on the date of the semester exam.